Together with Mundo PMMI, EXPO PACK México (June 8-11, 2021, Expo Santa Fe Mexico) will continue connecting the industry via the second series of interactive webinars on the pressing issues affecting the packaging and processing community.

Coordinated by show producer, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, the first event in the new series kicks off on August 19, 2020 and will address NOM-051 labeling requirements for food and non-alcoholic beverages in Mexico. Beginning Oct. 1, the standard dictates that Mexican producers and importers of food and non-alcoholic drinks include information on their labels warning consumers of the excessive presence of components such as sugars, fats, calories and sodium. 
Alejandro Malagon and Jonas Murillo, president and director-general, respectively, of the National Chamber of the Canned Food Industry (CANAINCA), will analyze the scope and impacts of NOM-051 during the webinar. CANAINCA represents 95 percent of producers of processed foods in Mexico.

“This new standard has generated enormous interest and controversy, making it a natural fit for EXPO PACK to tackle and hopefully clear up some of the uncertainties within the industry,” says Jorge Garibay, director, EXPO PACK México. “We are fortunate to have a longstanding partnership with CANAINCA that can provide some clarity and expertise on this complex issue.”
Malagon and Murillo will educate webinar attendees on:

  • Expected impacts and scope of the NOM-051 on consumers, businesses and product marketing.
  • When and how it is possible to use persuasive elements on packaging (children’s characters, celebrities, interactive features, etc.).
  • Who verifies and monitors the application of the provisions, and the sanctions for non-compliance.
  • How the values used will change to reference nutritional values compared to the previous standard.

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The NOM-051 labeling webinar is only the first in this exciting new series. Future topics include designing memorable brand experience through multisensory packaging, e-commerce and the circular economy. Visit here for the full schedule and to learn more.

No event in Latin America will offer more solutions and world-class education than EXPO PACK México, returning to Mexico City’s Expo Santa Fe México, June 8-11, 2021. Booth space is now available for thought leaders in the packaging and processing industry to re-engage with their peers. Learn more about exhibiting or to sign up for upcoming webinars, visit