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Start your tour at EXPO PACK Guadalajara, inspired by international experts in the packaging industry!

We start the 3-day event with world-class speakers who will share their experience and knowledge in global trends of the packaging industry.

2 International Speakers
Keynote Speakers and Panelists from Top Brand Owner Companies.
June 11, 12 and 13
from 10 am to 11 am
Location: Events room 2 and 4



The role of packaging in e-commerce

June 11, 10am - 11:00am

Speaker: David Luttenberger


As consumers embrace online shopping more and more, packaging for e-commerce and its strategies are changing the face of the industry.

Retailing chains, brands, and different actors up and down the value chain need to rethink their brand and packaging strategies to better respond to consumers' expectations of online purchase and delivery of goods

David Luttenberger will present valuable insights in this regard so that brand owners and retailers can generate better consumer experiences from packages designed for e-commerce.


David is one of the most prominent international authorities in packaging innovation. He is the current Global Packaging Director of Mintel, an international research and market intelligence firm. David is the only permanent jury of the prestigious DOW Awards for Packaging Innovation.

His 25 years of experience in the industry allow him to understand and communicate with eloquence his deep vision of the development of packaging and its innovation. David has succeeded in positioning both the business and the innovation of packaging in perspective for different players in the entire value chain: brand owners, retail chains, designers and converters.


Top Brand Owners Experts Panel

"Challenges and opportunities for innovation in packaging and processing operations, and how to overcome them successfully"

June 12, 10am - 11:00am


This panel seeks to know and present –through an enriching discussion among three experts from the areas of marketing, packaging and research and development of CPGs in Mexico– their valuable perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that current market and technology trends in Latin America represent for brand owners in their innovation processes in packaging and processing; we refer to trends such as the circular economy, e-commerce growth, mass customization and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), among others.



Ana Lilia Palacios
Director of research, development and innovation of Bon Ice – Quala Mexico.

For more than six years, Ana Lilia has led the research, development and innovation area for Bon Ice - Quala México, consolidating Bon Ice, one of its flagship and fastest growing products in the company. Quala has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the 16 most dynamic, innovative and high growth companies in Latin America.


Eduardo Pérez
International marketing director of Quesos Navarro

Marketing director of the renowned dairy company based in Guadalajara, Quesos Navarro, a company that has more than half a century of presence and tradition in this important industry of the food sector in Mexico.
Eduardo has a master’s degree in Business Management from the prestigious Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa, IPADE, and he is a marketing professor at Universidad Panamericana. He has a 20-year career experience in the marketing area for consumer goods companies in diverse vertical markets.


Humberto Ojeda Lozano
International Marketing director of Casa San Matías.

Casa San Matías is one of the oldest distilleries in Mexico, a tequila producer with 133 years of history. Founded in 1886, it is the fifth tequila producer in Mexico in terms of volume and value today.
Humberto studied industrial engineering, marketing and project management at Universidad del Noroeste, and has a master’s degree in Business Management from the Pan-American Institute of Senior Business Management, IPADE.


Arturo Guzmán Chimeo
Director of Sustainability - Herdez Group

Arturo Guzmán Chimeo is the Director of Environmental Sustainability of GRUPO HERDEZ, one of the leading Mexican companies in processed foods, as well as one of the main players in the category of Ice Creams in Mexico. Among his responsibilities are the search for packaging alternatives, as well as giving advice to the packaging engineering team of the Group for the development of more sustainable packaging solutions. Arturo has more than 20 years of experience in the development of sustainability strategies, policies and guidelines and has a deep knowledge of eco-efficiency, Life Cycle Analysis, cleaner production, among others.


Scientific knowledge for brand owners to face the challenges of the Circular Economy

June 13, 10am - 11:00am

Speaker: Alejandro Salgado Montejo


Alejandro Salgado Montejo will explore several cases and global studies that have implemented computational, experimental and behavioral models, and how these can be applied to develop more sustainable practices through packaging. This conference will explain how through a scientific approach and technologies available today, it is possible to develop algorithms that detect whether the packaging of a product correctly transmits a sustainable message or care for the environment or does not.

Alejandro will teach how to design structured and effective systems that educate and guide the consumer towards sustainable or environmentally friendly practices in their daily behaviors.


Alejandro is an international expert in the application of knowledge based on science for packaging design and innovation. He has a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, is a member of the Multisensory Marketing Center of the Norwegian Business School, BI, and associate professor at the University of La Sabana in Colombia. Alejandro is the co-founder and CEO of Neurosketch, a progressive and visionary firm dedicated to the application of scientific methods to help companies innovate and develop multisensory packaging / products that generate lasting emotional commitment, powerful consumer experiences and sustainable relationships.

Free access for attendees of EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2019.

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