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This Privacy Notice (hereinafter the “Notice”) establishes the terms and conditions by which EXPO PACK MÉXICO, S. A. DE C.V., commercially known as “EXPO PACK”, which would be referred under said commercial name hereinafter,  with domicile in Homero 418 Piso 3, Col. Chapultepec Morales, C.P. 11570, Mexico, Federal District, as Data Controller, will process your personal data as data subject, in order to protect your privacy and your right to informational self-determination, as provided  in the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Possessed by Private Persons (“DPL”), its Regulations and the Guidelines for Privacy Notice issued by the Ministry of Economy (hereinafter the “Ordinances”).


In terms of this Notice the terms “Personal Data”, “Sensitive Personal Data”, “Days”, “Processing”, “Data Subject”, “Data Controller”, “Data Processor”, “Transfer”, “ARCO Rights” – “Right of Access”, “Right to Rectify”, “Right to Cancel”, “Right to Oppose”; “Cookies”, “Web Beacons” as well as the other elements provided in this Notice, will have the same meaning as provided in the Ordinances.


EXPO PACK collects and processes the following personal data:

Visitors, Prospects, Clients and Expositors

  1. General Data

First name, last names, complete address, phone number (whether personal or work) and e-mail address; photograph (if such is the case); video and audio records (if he case).

  1. Data to access EXPO PACK services

Code and user number managed at EXPO PACK´s website for accessing our online services.

  1. Tax data

Federal Taxpayer’s Registry (RFC) code and number, as well as tax address and tax regime.

  1. Data related with credit and/or debit cards

Where appropriate, personal data associated with your payment method, such as, name of the cardholder, card number, expiration date, card type, and security code. CLABE (standarized banking code), bank account number, signature and bank of origin.

Providers – individuals
a) General Data
First name, last names,  complete address, phone number whether personal or work; mobile phone and e-mail address whether personal or work;  number whether personal or work; video and audio records (if he case).

b) Tax data
Federal Taxpayer’s Registry (RFC) code and number, as well as tax address, tax regime and invoices.

c) Data related to payment means
Where appropriate, personal data related to the payment means, such as name of the cardholder, number of the bank account, Clabe (standarized banking code), bank of origin.

Personal data collected from Online Automated Collection Tools and Sources of Public Access

  1. Personal data collected by online automated collection tools in EXPO PACK´s Websites

Data related to the Web browser you use, your language, means for identifying your session in our Websites, such as trusted website of best online casino Canada, passwords to access EXPOACK´s Websites, access time, IP address, information about the type of browser and operating system of the computer system or device that you use to access EXPO PACK´s Websites, your interaction with our e-mails and our Websites.

  1. Personal data used for automated individual decisions

EXPO PACK does not process your personal data for automated decision making processes without the intervention of individuals.

  1. Personal data from public access sources and received from consensual transfers

Personal data collected from public registries, directories, social networks and other lawful sources available in the market.

d) Personal data collected from social networks
EXPO PACK may collect and process personal data and information that you had shared in social networks (such as Facebook™, Twitter™ , LinkedIn™ and others), in particular, the information that shared by you at EXPO PACK´s profile in in such social networks, including the information shared by you as “public”, according to the terms and conditions, policies and principles of such social networks.

The personal data described in the aforementioned subsections of this section are collected through: i) the use of our printed formats; ii) the use of e-mails and/or  iii) the voluntary and direct supply of information and personal data via our Websites, and iv) by using available public sources and other available sources in the market.


In EXPO PACK we process your personal data in order to carry out the activities and efforts to comply with the obligations originated and derived from the commercial and/or legal relationship with you, and that we consider as primary purposes, including the following:
Visitors, Prospects, Clients and Expositors

  1. Registering your data in our databases and directories of Visitors, Prospects, Clients and Expositors;
  2. Registering your data in our temporal databases of Visitors, Prospects, Clients and Expositors;
  3. Registering your data in our Guest list;
  4. Managing and administration of events;
  5. Monitoring and controlling your access to events;
  6. Managing your security in the events of EXPO PACK, including video recording of activities and the management of security incidents.
  7. Managing the delivery of invitations from our exhibitors to their guests for EXPO PACK´s events;
  8. Elaboration of your identity badge for accessing the events;
  9. Managing the delivery of identity badges to your address - (hiring courier companies);
  10. Managing the payment of services through credit cards or other payment means;
  11. Managing the users´ passwords to authenticate the identity of exhibitors and VIP visitors, in order to enable the use of online services and tools, including the Expositor’s Manual;
  12. Conduct the administrative management of the event - payments, technical assistance, and operations, and
  13. Elaboration and delivery of tax receipts;
  14. Allow the management, administration and security of your personal data; and
  15. Maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards of your personal data in terms of applicable legislation and regulation.

Providers – individuals

  1. Allow access to our facilities;
  2. Managing your information in order to keep our suppliers’ database updated;
  3. Managing the commercial relationships with suppliers: including the selection and contracting processes, as well as the management of buying orders, contracting or sale orders;
  4. Prove your identity and verify the information that you provide us;
  5. Create your file and online profile;
  6. Managing the reception and payment of bills and/or fees receipts;
  7. Withholding of the corresponding taxes;
  8. Allowing the management and security of your personal data;
  9. Monitoring and controlling the physical  access to EXOPACK´s facilities and events;
  10. Monitoring and controlling the physical and logical access to EXOPACK ´s technological and security resources, including video-surveillance activities;
  11. Managing security incidents; and
  12. Maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards of your personal data in terms of applicable legislation and regulation.

Besides, we process your personal data for other secondary purposes that are not necessary and do not originate the professional, commercial or legal relationship with you, including:

Visitors, Prospects, Clients and Expositors

  1. Sending you newsletters and information via printed and electronic means related to our events, invitations, promotions, services and products, as well as to other expos and events in Mexico and/or abroad, organized by our providers, expositors and/or sponsors that we consider of your interest;
  2. Sending communications with marketing and advertising purposes, or for commercial prospection related to EXPO PACK´s events, either by printed or electronic means;
  3. Performing market researches and for statistical purposes;
  4. Share your information with sponsors or exhibitors of events organized by EXPO PACK and/or related companies; and
  5. Share your information with sponsors or exhibitors for events organized by EXPO PACK that we consider of your interest.

Providers – individuals

  1. Elaborating benchmarking market studies;
  2. Managing the providers´ attention service;
  3.  Managing your operations history;
  4. Managing your comments, suggestions, claims and clarifications; and
  5. Sending communications with advertising, notices, messages, news, invitations to events and meetings, either by printed, electronic or telephonic means, or in person, for marketing, promotions or commercial prospection purposes, unless you manifest your will for not receiving them.


For purposes of the provisions of the Ordinances, by these means you manifest: i) that this notice was submitted to you by EXPO PACK prior to the collection and processing of your personal data; ii) that you had read, understood and agreed the terms of this notice for the collection and processing of your patrimonial, financial or sensitive personal data, therefore, in case that you decide to provide them, you will include your handwritten name and signature at the bottom of this document, or you may express your consent by means of the dialogue boxes included in our Websites. Such actions are based on articles 8 and 9 of the DPL and articles 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 of the Regulations of the DPL, considering the exception cases provided in articles 10 and 37 of the DPL which authorize us to process and transfer your personal data for complying with our legal and contractual obligations, or derived from our current or future legal relationship with you.

For the collection, processing and transfer or your personal data other than financial, patrimonial and sensitive data, you grant us your implied consent in terms on this Privacy Notice if you do not object or oppose its content within the following 48 hours after it was submitted to you through the different means, including its publication in our website.


EXPO PACK may use your personal data in order to offer you, if such is the case, other services directly or by its commercial allies in Mexico or abroad or through third parties subcontracted for such purposes. Besides, it may send you promotions of other goods or services related to the previously referred services of the aforementioned sections, such purposes are not considered as substantial for complying with the legal relationship with you which gave origin to the provided services, which you may object within the following 5 days from the date on which your personal were processed by EXPO PACK.

Recipient third parties are compelled by virtue of the corresponding contract to keep confidentiality of the personal data transferred by EXPO PACK and to comply with this Notice. EXPO PACK may transfer your personal data to the following companies described in the following chart:

Recipient third parties

Purposes of the transfer

National or international transfer

Consent required

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute Inc.

Corporate management and  support to business operations.


No. Legal provision: Article 37 Section III and VII of the DPL.

EP Administración de Servicios y Exposición, S.A. de C.V.

Corporate management and  support to business operations.


No. Legal Provision: Art. 37 Section III of the DPL.

PMMI Media Group.

Corporate management and  support to business operations.


No. Legal provision: Art. 37 Section III of the DPL.



At any time you have the right to access, rectify and cancel your personal data and to oppose to the processing of your personal data, or to revoke your consent regarding certain purposes – including secondary purposes – which you authorized once, either directly or by means of your legal representative. For doing so directly, you can edit your online profile or you can submit the corresponding application by using the available formats provided in our Websites, with the following information and documents:

  1. Your complete name and address or other means – such as your e-mail - to communicate the answer to your request;
  2. Documents for proving your identity - simple copy in printed or electronic format of your voting card, passport or Visa, as appropriate,  or the documents of your legal representative - simple copy in printed or electronic format of the executed proxy with your handwritten signature, as well as the handwritten signature of two witnesses and your attorney-in-fact, as well as their corresponding official identifications- voting card, passport or Visa;
  3. A clear and accurate description of the personal data with respect to which you want to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, and
  4. Any other element or document that makes it easier to locate your personal data.

In case of requests for access to your personal data, EXPO PACK will proceed with its delivery by electronic means, by previously proving your identity as the corresponding Data Subject or the identity of your legal representative, as appropriate.

 In the case of applications for rectifying your personal data, you must also indicate the amendments to be made and provide documents supporting your request.

EXPO PACK will answer you within the following twenty days after the date of receipt of your request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, with the adopted determination, in order to, if appropriate, take effect within the following fifteen days after the date on which it communicates to you the answer. In all cases, EXPO PACK will answer you using the same means used by you to submit your request, or by any other means agreed with you. The abovementioned terms may be extended once for an equal period, so long as the circumstances of the case may require it, according to the provisions of the DPL.

The delivery of personal data will be free of charge; you shall only cover the justified costs of shipping or reproduction of copies or other formats. In the event that you reiterate your request within a period no longer than twelve months, you shall cover the corresponding costs in terms of the DPL, unless there are substantial changes to the privacy notice that support further consultations.

For the reception, registry, attention and response to your request for exercising your ARCO rights and/or any other rights provided by the DPL, please contact our Privacy Officer in our premises or via our Website or by e-mail, as provided in section 8.

In case that the information submitted in your application is incorrect or insufficient, or does not include the corresponding documents for proving your identity, we may require you that, within the following five days after the date of receipt of your request, you submit the necessary elements or documents for processing your request. You will have ten days for meeting our requirements, once you receive them. If you do not answer within such term, your request will be considered as if it was not submitted.


For any consultation regarding the protection of your personal data, please contact our Privacy Officer at EXPO PACK´s offices at: Homero 418 Piso 3, Col. Chapultepec Morales, C.P. 11570, México, D.F., or by e-mail at:  protecciondedatos@EXPO


EXPO PACK retains your personal data during the necessary time for managing the commercial and/or legal relationship and to maintain records required by the DPL, its Regulations, as well as the commercial, administrative and tax legislation in force.

Personal data collected by EXPO PACK are protected by appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures against damages, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing, in accordance with the provisions of the DPL and its Regulations.

For limiting the use or disclosure of your personal data, please send us an e-mail to the following e-mail address protecciondedatos@EXPO communicating us your request. 

Also, you can opt for your exclusion of our mailing list of emails using the dialog boxes provided for that purpose on our Web site. Also, you can register in the Public Registry of Consumers of the Federal Consumer Protection ( to avoid receiving telephone calls with marketing communications, promotions and/or offers of goods and services.

Data Collection from Web Browsing at EXPO PACK´s Websites

EXPO PACK may collect personal data by means of its Websites, or by means of automatic data collection tools. Among the automatic data collection tools used by EXPO PACK in its Web sites there are cookies, Web beacons and embedded links in e-mails.

Use of Cookies. - The correct functioning of EXPO PACK ´s websites requires the enabling of “cookies” on your Web browser. “Cookies” are small data files transferred by a Website to your computer’s hard drive or mobile device when you browse our Websites. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can adjust your browser preferences to accept or refuse cookies. If you turn off cookies, there may be some features of EXPO PACK ´s Website that may be disabled or that may not be displayed properly. If you prefer to delete the cookies, you may delete the file(s) at the end of each browser session.

Cookies can be turned off. For knowing how to do it, you can consult the following links:


•Internet Explorer:

•Google Chrome:

Use of Web beacons (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags or clear GIFs). - EXPO PACK may use Web beacons in its Websites or in its HTML-formatted e-mails, alone or in conjunction with cookies to compile information about your Website usage and your interaction with the e-mail. A Web beacon is an electronic image, called a single-pixel (1x1) or GIF that can recognize information processed on your computer, such as cookies, the time and date in which a Website and its sections were viewed.

Embedded links in EXPO PACK ´s e-mails. E-mails from EXPO PACK  may include links designed to allow EXPO PACK  to know if you have activated such links or if you visited the destination Website, such information can be include in your profile.

Protection for children, disabled persons and persons subject to interdiction: EXPO PACK does not collect personal data from children, disabled persons and persons subject to interdiction andencourages parents and/or tutors to take an active role in their represented and children´s online activities. If EXPO PACK determines that personal information has been provided by a person under the age of 18, a disabled person or a person subject to interdiction in violation of this Privacy Notice, EXPO PACK will delete that information as soon as possible. If you are aware that such information has been provided by a person under the age of 18, a disabled person or a person subject to interdiction please send an e-mail to: 

EXPO PACK withholds the right to amend this Privacy Notice in order to implement the changes of our data protection practices derived from our continued improvement process, as well as to incorporate new measures provided by the DPL, its Regulations or other administrative instruments.  We encourage you to regularly review the content of this Privacy Notice in our Website, in which we may publish the amendments with the date of the updated review.

Last update: September 18th, 2013